We Want Your Carrera 3!

The register is gaining popularity in the Wide World, and as a result I have been contacted by private and business individuals who ask me if I know of owners wanting to sell their Carrera 3. The RHD Uk market seems to prefer Coupe models; Overseas territories (south Afrika, Australia, Hong Kong…)equally prefer a Targa as coupe’s.

What seems universally the preference is:
-original condition – no aftermarket or not Porsche -sanctioned modifications
-Documents such as service book, owners manuals, a selection of bills and proof of expenses, ownership tales, period pictures
-relatively easy to revert modifications such as tripmeters, roll cage, uprated brakes, different wheels etc.

Now, allow me to unambiguously clear: I am happy to act as a go-between but this is not a profit-making initiative. I am a busy clinical psychotherapist and travel often. Whilst I will make every attempt to respond within a reasonable time scale, please allow me 48 hours in busy times to come back to you. Often, I am the one getting excited and find myself trawling through documents, books, brochures etc to fish out details for you.

The carrera 3 model is gaining a dedicated following: with the Carrera 2.7 RS priced at £280 000 upwards and the Carrera 2.7 G-model or impact bumper versions currently priced upwards of £65 000, the Carrera 3 is tipped as the One To Watch!

There are also real enthusiast looking for parts, incomplete projects, cars with accident history or those that are heavily modified. I am happy to advice on a case-by-case basis.

All the best,


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