Red flag! Insurance: please keep your agreed valuation policy up to date

Just a gentle reminder that our cars are mostly used as recreational, occasional cars and within the UK market, that means that the cars often get insured on classic car policies.

The register has been helping a member who was faced with a nominal insurance valuation following a minor road traffic accident.¬†Literally¬†a couple of hundred pounds were offered as the vehicle was deemed “worthless.”

It took some go-ing and fro-ing but the owner got there in the end.

My advise: please do check whether you have an up to date insurance valuation for your car. Secondly, ensure that you have an agreed value. Should the unfortunate happen, at least the value of the car is retained.

We are happy to signpost but people such as Steven Kevlin at Porsche Club GB (members only) offer a free valuation, and John Glynn at Impact bumpers does valuations as well.



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