Knowledge Is Power (To Preserve)

I am attempting to update the register twice a month with new updates. I have inherited information that is somewhat haphazard and already incomplete, so I have a bit of a challenge at hand to sort through the data, but please bear with me.

What would help me enormously is information that is as complete as possible so that for each register entry I can keep data and pictures together.

Why? Well…..The register sometimes gets enquiries along the lines of

“My father owned in 1983 a white 911 coupe with registration XYZ 123R; it was a carrera 3 and had red and black tartan interior. I remember it distinctly because I got car sick in the back as a 4 year old boy. Is that car still existing and if so, I’d be interested in talking to the current owner because I found a stack of bills from 1976 to 1983 in the files of my deceased father following the house clear up.”

You can imagine: where do I start….? I have developed detective skills in the process but the more information you provide, the better chance I stand in tracing people or the cars. Furthermore, cars do get sold on and sometimes service history gets misplaced or lost. If an enquiry is received in, say the year 2027, the register might be able to string some information together for the then owner.

1. Vin or chassis number

e.g. 9116610XXX

2. Engine Number

e.g. 666xxx

3. Specification on how the car currently looks like and ideally, if you don’t mind too much,  pictures depicting a front shot, a rear shot, both side shots, a roof panel or targa panel shot, an interior shot (depicting the door cards, type of front seats & their material and colour headliner)

E.g. Grand Prix white interior, minor stone chips, no rust bubbles; black interior with 1976 recaro sport seats in black leather with custom magnolia centres (non original- professionally recovered and the seat centre lowered by 1 cm to accommodate my height)

4. Amount of owners, their names if they are known and the different registrations (for the UK market: every time the number plate gets changed, it registers as a different owner; for other markets: it could be that the number plate stays with the owner rather than the car.)

e.g. The car was delivered via Charles Follet Ltd, London in 1976 and was owned by London Vehicle Upholsterers Ltd. In 1983 the ownership changed to Mr ABC in Sampletown and the registration was changed to VIB990. In 1984 the owner was Mr DE from Samplevillage, who did the engine rebuilds. In 1990 the car changed hands to Mr EFG etc etc 

5. What mileage, how many engine rebuilds the car had, any gearbox or bodywork the car had etc.

e.g. current mileage 150 000; engine rebuild at 55000 miles in Dec 1985 by Autofarm, and again at 58000 miles by Autofarm  in 1986 due to a warped cylinder head. Bottom end rebuild May 2006 with new big ends, cams, barrels and pistons, valve lapping, blueprinting and balancing at Theimann Motoren Technic, Gmbh.

6. What modifications is the car fitted with? What options does the car came with?

e.g. The car was Grand Prix White without a sunroof. In 1985, it gained fibreglass turbo wings front and rear, a turbo front and rear spoiler and a set of BBS cross spoke alloys whilst it was repainted Ford Mustang candy apple red metallic. The then owner put walnut dashboard details as well as doorcaps in and the interior was changed from black vinyl to white leather with red centre inserts. The car has red carpets and red door bins. Furthermore, a glass sunroof was put in so that the car gave a sense of light and airyness. Could you please help me to establish what the interior could have looked like.

Happy digging in the paperwork!

Best regards,


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